If you live in Holyoke, MA, you're no stranger to snow. With an average snowfall of 40 inches each year, there are plenty of reasons to get winter tires for your vehicle. No matter if you have all-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, or four-wheel drive, snow tires are a smart choice to keep you safe.

Winter tires, or snow tires, are an essential component to ensuring your vehicle is safe during the freezing, snow-filled months of winter. There are two main types of winter tires, studded and studless, both offering something for everyone.

What used to be the number one choice for winter drivers, studded tires have dropped in sales, thanks to better technology when it comes to rubber compounding and design. Studded tires have metal "studs" embedded into the rubber tread, providing traction and grip, especially helpful for icy situations. They dig into the ice, ensuring that your tires don't lose traction. They do, however, offer a noisier drive, and they can be damaging to roads if you use them outside of the winter time. They are a smart choice for those with smaller vehicles, front-wheel drive, or areas that are prone to icy conditions.

Studless tires, are an excellent choice for anyone living in snowy climates. Rubber technology has come a long way to providing the safest drive possible. Deeper tread depths easily disperse snow and slush, while the thousands of tiny slits in the tread, called sipes, grip the road for better traction, no matter the road conditions. Studless winter tires also offer a quieter ride and they're better for the roads you drive frequently.

Safety First

Snow tires aren't perfect, and nothing can replace thoughtful driving when it comes to inclement weather. Sometimes that means waiting until the roads are clear before heading out in your car. Winter tires offer you additional safety and security, so you can keep you and your loved one's safe this winter.

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