It is officially winter and with its arrival, temperatures are lowering, salt is caking our streets, and any precipitation is coating our driveways and cars. When you don’t have time to slowdown, winterizing your family car or work vehicle is one of the best options you to keep your vehicle performing at top condition throughout the year. At Marcotte Ford, we offer expert service along with factory parts and accessories to support your Mazda to keep you moving safely and securely down the road.


  • Check your battery as cold weather greatly impacts its performance
  • Check tire pressure to ensure your tires maintain proper pressure as cold temperatures set in.
  • Check your four-wheel drive which will provide better traction on snowy and icy roads
  • Check your anti-freeze and water mixture to prevent the fluid from freezing
  • Check your belts and hoses to make sure the cold weather doesn’t weaken them.


  • Change wiper blades and wiper fluids
  • Look into switching to snow tires for added traction and flexibility
  • Change the engine oil, an unlubricated engine means possibly sitting in the cold while you wait for a tow truck.
  • Change your supplies to have what you need on-hand for winter such as new jumper cables, flashlight with fresh batteries, roadside flares/reflective triangle, ice scraper, warm blankets, and more.

Visit our dealership in Holyoke, Massachusetts to prepare your Ford truck, car, or SUV to make it seamlessly through winter. Our service center staff is equipped with cutting-edge maintenance technology to safely and thoroughly check your fluids, brakes, alignment, and install factory parts and accessories to prepare you to take on the below-freezing mornings, icy roads, and salty surfaces.

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