Bryan Marcotte helped build a legacy, may we never forget and continue to honor his memory.

A true gentleman, humble, generous, supporter of the community, friend and loved by all.

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Mike Marcotte, President
(413) 536-1900 Ext. 2200

Mike Filomeno, General Manager
(413) 536-1900 EXT 2219

Bill Filiault , General Sales Manager
(413) 536-1900 Ext. 2254

Lou Beauregard, Fixed Operations Manager
(413) 536-1900 Ext. 2212

Gary Stebbins , Service Manager
(413) 536-1900 Ext. 2239

Mike Pitruzzello, Used Car Manager
(413) 536-1900 Ext. 2256

Brian Farnsworth, Inventory Manager
(413) 536-1900 EXT. 2234

I'm Brian Farnsworth and I've worked with the Marcotte Family since 2011,  starting in the Rental Department before transitioning over to Sales. I'm originally from Lynn, MA and currently live in Chicopee with my beautiful wife, Renee, and our two adorable children, Wesley and Gwendolyn.  When I'm not at work, I enjoy reading books, traveling and spending time with my family.  I also love talking about cars and meeting new people, so come tell me about yourself and I'll work hard to find the vehicle best suited for you. 

Leo Semenov, Sales Consultant
(413) 536-1900 Ext. 2246

Meet Leo Semenov one of our Sales Consultants.  

I'm Leo Semenov and I love helping my customers and friends find the right car or truck for them.  I will be thrilled to help you find exactly what you need. The best part of my job is the lifelong relationships that I build in which my new friends and customers can call or text me any time if they need anything. Here's a little information about me. My family and I came to California as refugees from Ukraine.  We then moved to Florida where I grew up. Later, I met the love of my life who was from Massachusetts and we got married.  Since we moved to Massachusetts, I'm proud to say I got my citizenship and voted in the last election. Now, I love taking care of my house and enjoying life with my wife. When I'm at work, my top priority is my customers.  


I also speak Russian and will be glad to assist you. 

Я говорю по-русски и буду рад помочь вам на родном языке!



Andrew Tesini,
Sales Consultant
(413) 536-1900 EXT 2243

I'm Andrew Tesini, originally from East Longmeadow and Monson. I now reside in Somers, CT with my beautiful wife, Nicky and stepson, Blake. I've worked in the car industry for the past 11 years. I joined the Marcotte Family seven years ago as the technology specialist and then transitioned over to the sales team. I was raised in a tight knit Armenian family so when I joined Marcotte Ford, I knew it was a perfect fit for me. Marcotte Ford is a family run business that shares the same family values that I do and that's very important to me. They treat their employees like family and customers come first. In the car industry, Marcotte is well respected and has a long standing reputation for fairness and integrity. When I'm not working I enjoy going to local vineyards with my wife, bowling, working in my yard and around my pool and spending time with my family and friends.

Bill Maki , Finance Business Manager
(413) 536-1900 Ext. 2297

Bob Mikesh, Commercial Sales Consultant
(413) 536-1900 EXT 1112

Richard White, Commercial Sales Consultant
(413) 536-1900 Ext. 1125

James Filomeno,
Commercial Sales Consultant
(413) 536-1900 Ext. 1123

Ron Toelken,
Commercial Sales Consultant
(413) 536-1900 Ext. 1126

Desean Martinez, BDC Manager
(413) 536-1900 Ext. 2249

I'm Desean Martinez, a Sales Associate at Marcotte Ford and just like myself the Marcotte's emphasis on family values and taking care of the people is what I'm all about. I grew up in the small town of Holyoke, MA and am a father to two beautiful little girls named Arya and Symphony. On my down time asides from being a father figure, I am a recording artist and producer of r&b and hip-hop music. But when I'm here at the dealership, it's all about helping people into the vehicle they love for years to come. If you're looking for an upgrade or a hassle free car buying experience, come to Marcotte Ford. Experience EASY! I'll do my best to earn your business. Hablamos Espanol.

John Childers, Service Advisor
413-536-1900 Ext. 2227

Paul Ahlberg , Service Advisor
(413) 536-1900 Ext. 2224

Carter Matthews , Service Advisor
(413) 536-1900 Ext. 2226

Michelle Mathieson,
Service Coordinator
(413) 536-1900 EXT 2229

Jeff Denis,
Parts Manager
(413) 536-1900 EXT 2275

Tom Cook, Parts Advisor
(413) 536-1900 Ext. 2214

Mark Smith, Parts Advisor
(413) 536-1900 Ext. 2107

Jade Laizer, Rental Manager
(413) 536-1900 Ext. 2220

Tiffany Williams , Assistant Rental Manager
(413) 536-1900 Ext. 2218

Hector Morales,
Rental Inventory
(413) 536-1900 Ext 2260

Greg Premo,
MCTC Manager
(413) 420 2682

Brian Garczynski,
MCTC Service Advisor
(413) 420-2682

Perry Rego, Parts Advisor MCTC
(413) 420-1681

Sarah Meaney, Parts Advisor MCTC
(413) 420-2681

Jeannie Filomeno,
Human Resource Manager
(413) 536-1900 EXT 2310

Linda Gleason,
Risk Manager
(413) 536-1900 ext. 2232

Diane Kachinski,
Executive Secretary
(413) 536-1900 EXT2233

Lanie O’Brien , Receptionist
(413) 536-1900 Ext. 1135

Tim Wolohan, LugNutz Cafe Manager