Get Quality Service for Your Ford at Our Holyoke Ford Service Center

"Built Ford Tough" represents Ford's catchphrase, and Holyoke drivers find some truth to that bold statement. Built to last on the Chicopee, MA roads or powering through tough jobs at a job site, Ford designed its trucks and SUVs for the biggest and dirtiest jobs. While this brand does offer some sedan options for more laidback driving, most vehicles from this automaker represent SUVs or pickup trucks. Often built on the same platform, Ford trucks and SUVs can take an exceptional amount of stress and wear in Westfield, MA. Our Service Department at Marcotte Ford stays in the business of keeping your vehicle on the road. The best way to accomplish this remains scheduling routine maintenance and repairs after choosing your next SUV for sale.

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Schedule Routine Maintenance at Marcotte Ford

Ford built its vehicles to go the extra mile, but they can only accomplish this if you keep up with their maintenance. For a Ford Escape and Ford Explorer, this may mean routine tire inspections and frequent oil changes for frequent Springfield, MA family travel. For the Ford F-150 and Ford F-250 trucks, tire rotations, and safety inspections reign supreme. Like the Ford Super Duty, heavy-duty models may need more regular service as they get worked hard daily.

Every single Ford model should receive service by professional technicians at a reputable location, but certain vehicles also require special care. Our technicians can help discuss these needs with you and provide advice on what kind of service your vehicle should obtain regularly. We can even assist you with creating a schedule to follow.

What Our Holyoke Service Department Offers

Striving to provide comprehensive service options to our customers at affordable rates, we offer a diverse selection of services at different price points. Commonly performed vehicle servicing procedures include:

  • Fluid Checks and Refills
  • Oil Changes
  • Tire Inspections, Changes, and Rotation
  • Safety Inspections
  • Windshield Wiper Blade Replacements
  • Brake Inspection and Replacement
  • Light Bulb Changes

We recommend that you have these specific points of maintenance performed at intermittent intervals that coincide with your Ford vehicle's specific needs. For example, a Ford Ranger used for weekend driving will need significantly less maintenance than a Ford Super Duty used on a West Springfield, MA job site every day.

While we recommend consulting with our technicians to determine an appropriate service schedule for your vehicle, you can find information specific to your model in your owner's manual. We can provide an educated recommendation, but Ford completed testing on their vehicles to determine the exact service timeline to keep your vehicle in the best operating condition possible.

Advanced Servicing and Repair Needs

No matter how well you take care of your Ford, there will come a time when a larger issue occurs. It happens with every vehicle, and although Ford models remain inherently durable, you could still damage your vehicle. When you need your vehicle's transmission flushed or coolant fluid changed, our experienced and trained Service Department professionals can assist with these tasks, too. When it comes to more intensive maintenance for your vehicle, you do not want just any Agawam mechanic working on your Ford vehicle. Rely on the best at Marcotte Ford to get the job done right.

Contact Marcotte Ford to Get Your Vehicle Set Up on a Maintenance Plan

Here at Marcotte Ford, we offer more at our dealership than your next truck for sale and auto financing solutions. If you recently purchased a new or used vehicle or would like to invest in routine maintenance for your Ford model, call Marcotte Ford to set up your first appointment and discuss a routine service plan. We can work within the guidelines listed in your Ford owner's manual or create a specialized plan specifically for your vehicle.